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Price LARGE HAIR FLIES 2 inch Standard with No. 1 treble hook optional No. 4/0 single hook tied with 40lb test big game leader
$2.00 ea.

101 Black Silver Prism

103 Black Gold Prism

105 Black Green Prism

111 Fluorescent Green Silver Prism

113 Fluorescent Green Green Prism

115 Fluorescent Green Gold Prism

119 Fluorescent Blue Silver Prism

122 Fluorescent Blue Gold Prism

126 Purple Silver Prism

129 Purple Gold Prism

133 Dark Green Silver Prism

137 Dark Green Gold Prism

141 Yellow Silver Prism

142 Yellow Gold Prism  

145 Red Silver Prism

147 Red Gold Prism

150 White Silver Prism

151 White Gold Prism

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